Kerry Robinson News. An Enigma within a Contradiction...
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 08:33:57 AM AEST
Kerry Robinson: Latest News - While doing the robinson, this Kerry Robinson was rebuilt in January 2011..
Official Report on Kerry Robinson.

Kerry Robinson is from Redlands, Qld, Australia and runs some sort of Truss making company. Kerry enjoys bowling, chasing wild & confusing women, also named Kerry Robinson, and generally doing the "Kerry Robinson" whenever he gets the chance.

There isn't much Kerry Robinson doesn't know about Marketing. While never actually observed selling Ice to Eskimos, he's quite capable of doing so. Robinson certainly knows how to increase a Marketing budget, and has been known to slip an order for 20,000 leaflets through instead of 2000, in the sincere belief he could use them. We're still not sure what for though...

A Virtual Genius when it comes to getting any project off the ground, he is quite likely to leave you gasping for breath as his mind reaches out for ideas that would never occur to you in a zillion years!

Stamp for Future Review
 As can be seen from the above scene, Paint Rollers should never be given to this man. Why? Neither Fashion sense nor Interior decorating appear to be his forte, with his latest choice being BLACK for the ceiling of his new office!

Robbo has a tendency to be a little zany and certainly should be kept under sedation at this time. Stamp for further psychiatric review in the near future...
 He has nothing to do with baseball, emmanuel college, the diamond triangle or the Cardinals. He is an Australian - from a "land down under" who has recently taken an interest in the CWA Cookbook.
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